Google Maps v10.41.5 Apk to Download: Got new COVID-19-related updates to navigation

Google Maps Android app got a new update to help citizens with COVID 19 related updates.

This new Google Maps update will provide details and prompts about disruption in public transport, border checkpoints, and COVID-19 testing centres.

Isn’t it cool?

This new feature is now live for users in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the US.

Users will receive the message “Public Services Suspended” or “Might be Suspended”.

How to use this feature?

Once you go to the navigation page and use the Public Transport option, this feature will prompt a message with the current status.

Ad due to the pandemic almost every country decided to pause or reduce public transportation services.

Another feature will provide driving alerts while crossing the international borders to Canada, Mexico, and US users. The app will help you to know entry restrictions.

New Google Maps feature will give you information about the hospitals or medical center which can test COVID-19 near you. As not all the hospitals allowed to test for COVID 19 so this feature will help you to find the right place.

Last and my favourite feature of this update is, New Google Maps will also help you to know how crowded a line or a station is. It will simply help you to avoid the crowded place and to plan your trip accordingly.

Below is the direct link to download Google Maps v40.41.5 APK

Google Maps APK

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